Connect your business
on a single cloud platform.

Organised collaboration releases time for the team
so that everyone can focus on his/her job.

Connect your business<br />on a single cloud platform.


Quality and consistency in your communication

Save time on the construction of your product information sheets and catalogs.

A centralised information will avoid the loss of many mails, sketches, fax and data to your team. Follow in live the construction of your catalog, have an overview of what remains to be done. A report is created for missing images and incomplete product information sheets.

From today, work on the design and the relevance of your content on a part with your brand image. Personalised your communication supports according to your target BtoC or BtoB ? Stimulate your online sales via your customised paper catalog, to obtain a better conversion rate.

Soft B2B – e-commerce


Real-time personalization

Listen and offer to your customers a secured access to their private catalogs.

Multiply opportunities and adapt the product selection to specific market by businesses, countries, and ranges.

Highlighting the good product information influences customers in their buying decision. Personalise and improve the offline and online customer experience.

Product manager

Product manager

Sourcing and monitoring

Keep an overview on all the products ranges.

Increase your product ranges by adding new suppliers and monitor internal product research development. With your collaborators, product information sheets are checked and completed with technical characteristics, standards, drawing, etc....

Manage accesses to the selected product information sheets, for modifications or simple review. At any time, checked files can be locked and unlocked to avoid unwanted changes.

Be reactive in front of the constant evolution of products. Continue to multiply references and itemisation saefely ;.

Soft B2B e-commerce


Create beautiful catalogs

The automated generation of catalog releases time and energy.
Give way to your creative genius.

Do not spend months on the construction of a catalog: simplify the process and focus on the graphic quality. Express freely your creations in Adobe InDesign. Apply the paragraph styles, color chart, add hyperlinks, tables,…

In one click, SolidCatalogue generates the optimal page layout. In case of late update (prices, corrections,…), you only need to make some modifications from the PIM. The product data will be synchronised while preserving the layout.

You can now focus on the templates and flatplan. Create a catalog more customised to optimise the customer experience.

automated generation of catalog software


Access to new markets

Translate directly your catalogs and product information sheets from the automated translation tool.

It's now easier to translate the technical vocabulary specific to your job. The translation in many languages enables you to adapt your communication according to the destination of new targeted markets, it gives you a situation you can plan.

Translations are easier to manage due to the reviewing module. Your team keep a track of accomplished modifications, and you can control writing and reading access rights per languages and users. You move forward calmly on your multilingual reference source.

product sheet software translator


Safety and easy integration

Solidpepper is a Saas Cloud solution, accessible from any browser, anywhere at anytime.

Back-up and data security are assured. Our PIM Web-services make easy the communication and the data exchange between applications.

For most of PIM solutions, it is necessary to integrate others applications to communicate. Solidpepper integrates directly an e-commerce platform and an InDesign plug-in allowing the automatic generation of catalogs.

The centralisation of the entire data related to products facilitates the information architecture and offers a common repertory to all actors.

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